Ozonator UV-C Water Sterilizers.

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Several models for water disinfection.

To disinfect water

pool & spa

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Water purification:
rain, wells, boreholes.

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water UV-C.

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Generator UV-C.

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To disinfect water from kitchen & bath room

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For aquarium, fish farming


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For disinfection of drinking water reservoir for    motorhome & boat

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New System


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For daily cleaning of vegetables, fruits, fish etc..

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UV-C lamps Waterproof  Immersible

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Now you can use ozonated water wherever you need it!

Ozone has been used since the early 1900s for water purification around the world as an effective alternative to chlorine. Ozone is considered as the most effective microbicide and requires only a short contact time. 

It is 2.5 times more effective than chlorine. 

The rate at which ozone kills bacteria is three thousand times higher than chlorine, although they are both oxidants, the mechanism of action is different.

Ozone kills bacteria through a break in the cell membrane and chlorine is infiltrated through the cell membrane of the bacterium and diffused into the cytoplasm, action which depends largely on the contact time. Ozone eliminates odors and tastes of water such as chlorine odor, metallic taste, smell of rotten eggs, etc. 


An optimal AOP leads to an optimal disinfection.
The UBO create the optimal condition to perform an Advance Oxidation Process.
An ozone process is based on direct ans indirect reaction in respect of the ozone O3 molecule and [ OH-] free radical . One speaks of an Advance Oxidation Process ( AOP).

It has the ability to destroy all bacteria by oxidation, but also viruses including nanovirus, spores, fungal spores and many other harmful substances. Ozone is non-toxic in a concentration which does not exceed a certain level. It returns to its original form, namely oxygen (O2) in a short period. Unlike disinfectants based on chlorine or other common agents, ozone leaves no residue. Ozone is widely used in food industry.


Cleanness is an important factor for us all to live a healthy life.

Washing hands only can prevent unnecessary illness. Washing hands with soap is effective, but even more effective with ozonated water.

Washing hands with ozonated water kills bacteria and viruses on the surface of your hands as shown below.


Eliminates bacteria!


Before washing hands

After 1 minute under normal water

After 1 minute under ozonated water

Ozonated water is also good for your skin care. Hygiene helps keeping the skin clean, but ozonated water is more effective. It even helps you to get rid of pimples in your face.
The ozonated water is even used in medical treatment as the ‘ozone therapy’.

 Keeping your food fresh

The best result for washing fish, meat, vegetables and fruit – ozone eliminates pesticide residues and toxic chemicals.

Washing vegetables with ozonated water keeps them fresh for longer

Ozonated water prevents leaves to fade

You can keep your flowers longer than normally by using ozonated water

Keep fresh

In its application for disinfection of fruit and vegetables, ozone leaves no chemical residue after rinsing.


Ozonated water can be used to replace chemical products such as chlorine and consequently improves environment.




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